San Diego Cinerama

So FILM CRITIC HULK over at Badass Digest has an article asking people to tell him why they love movies.

Here’s my response:

Because the first movie I ever saw was EMPIRE STRIKES BACK when I was four with my father.

Because we saw it here:

Because my parents took me out of school to see RETURN OF THE JEDI three years later.

Because I was looking behind corners, slowly, after I saw ALIENS. On VHS.

Because of what happened after I took my girlfriend to see THE FUGITIVE.

Because another girlfriend and I decided to not use our tickets to PHILADELPHIA or BAD GIRLS.

Because every now and then somebody restores LAWRENCE OF ARABIA, SPARTACUS, or THE GODFATHER.

Because every now and then some one finds something like a near-complete print of METROPOLIS (LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT, I’m looking at you)

Because my brother and I play a game where we name a movie, and then we try to remember which movie theater we saw it at.

Because the Film Studies courses at UCLA showed actual 35mm prints of movies.

Because EL NORTE changed my mind.

Because me and a bunch of guys “floated” another guy at the RETURN OF THE JEDI re-release at the Mann Village on March 14, 1997.

Because I remedied my sorrow that SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE won Best Picture by going to see a Midnight Screening of AIRPLANE at the Mann Regent. Where the projectionist played the trailers for EPISODE ONE.

Because I’ve seen 2001 at the Seattle Cinerama and the Cinerama Dome. And the Ken. And the Egyptian.

Because in 2002 I called my brother and the first words I said to him were, “Seven Days.” (THE RING had just come out)

Because I met my wife at the Seattle Cinerama for a screening of ZATOICHI. And then saw her the next day at HERO. And that’s where she told me she loved DERSU UZALA.

Because she was at the same theater and screening of a bunch of the same movies at the same time I was. Like THE APPLE.

Because I had the privilege of watching KING KONG with Ray Harryhausen.

Because the earth stops rotating for a moment when Martin Scorsese talks about a film he loves. (The earth merely slows when Quentin Tarantino talks about a film he likes)

Because just being in Scarecrow Video is a transcendent experience.

Because my wife saw Damon Lindelof at THE SOCIAL NETWORK opening night at the Cinerama Dome.

Because what happens next is probably going to be pretty awesome.